Ape King Slots

While the lion might be the king of the jungle, Real-Time Gaming says otherwise with its stellar release, Ape King. So prepare to swing off vines en route to victory with this magnificent five-reel game.

Take To The Jungle

Ape King Slots comes out of the gate swinging. The theme of this game takes you to the heart of the dense jungle, where this 243 pay line game takes place. Yes. You heard correctly. Ape King takes the amazon jungle seriously with 243 pay lines. Ape King gives you everything you need to have a successful outing each time you play.

Tackle the 243 pay lines with ease through the pay line arrows. Don't worry about getting precisely correct because that's what the pay line arrows are for. You can try to meet the mighty ape on his terms by wagering the entire 243 pay lines, or you can ease up on the jungle love affair by wagering on lesser pay lines. The power and the choice are yours.

The next move playing Ape King is to rely on the stake bet. That's where the coin buttons enter the equation. With these twin buttons, making bets is no problem at all playing Ape King. In order to get to gaming know all of these dynamite species of apes and gorillas, Ape King comes with a magnificent autoplay feature where you can quickly do just that. Ape King's Autoplay feature is simple enough for you to conduct scores of bets as you see fit. The manual option still lets you swing off the vines as you need to, so you don't miss out. Lastly, the options button equips you with additional game features where you can swiftly adjust the reel speed and other pertinent game features.

Ape King Smashes Into The Paytable

Ape King takes the business of winning seriously, which is why it unloads in the paytable. We begin with the phenomenal pot of gold. This remarkable wild lands on the second, third, and fourth reels, and it pays immediate dividends when it lands. The pot of gold and jewels also doubles as the scatter symbol.

The fierce gorilla takes charge of the jungle by delivering up to 2,500 credits for five of him on the reels. The cute chimp follows this up with an impressive 1,500 credits. The orangutang is a joy to behold, as are the other species of apes that lend winning power. The high-value playing cards etched in the stone make a presence on the reels as well.

The Ape Powers Through The Bonus Round

Ape King plays for keeps starting with the free spins feature where the ape species take specific positions on the reels. Each ape displays a unique paying amount. The free spins bonus also contains the jungle bonus battle, where additional battles and bonuses await.

Where To Play Ape King

Ape King is the pride and joy of Real-Time Gaming slot games, and it is available at casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming titles.