Lovable Pets Slots

They're cute and take your breath away. But, of course, we are talking about none other than Real-Time Gaming's Lovable Pets, a heart-warming five-reel slot game where man's best friend comes alive on the pay reels.

Real-Time Gaming Tugs On Your Heartstrings

Yes. This time Real-Time Gaming aims straight for your heart. Lovable Pets takes place in the middle of a picture-perfect grass field, perfect for cats and dogs to run wild and to show you affection. Lovable pets takes a vibrant tone, but the attention to detail is still sharp and crisp enough to keep your engagement and help you win too.

Lovable Pets is a dynamo package with a whopping 4,096 pay lines. Yes. You heard that correctly. Lovable Pets has 4,096 pay lines. Don't freak out over all that puppy love. Lovable Pets offers a robust pay line system where you can quickly craft and take control of the pay lines. Of course, you can be prolific across the field with these lovable creatures by wagering on the entire 4,096 pay lines, or you can go for a walk and place stakes on lesser pay lines. The power and the choice are yours.

Lovable Pets continues the animal love affair with control over placing your wagers. This is possible through the coin button system. Lovable Pets get off the ground with as small as a penny, growing more into dollar amounts.

Thank goodness for the autoplay mode, because how else are you going to win and play fetch with these adorable pets? Lovable Pets autoplay mode is capable of handling large batches of arranged sequences. The manual mode helps you place precise bets as well. Lovable Pets extends the gameplay with the options button where you can quickly declare precise bets.

Run Into The Paytable

Lovable Pets continues the darling phase with a phenomenal paytable selection. The cuteness extends to the colorful wild symbol. This jubilant wild subs for the other game icons except for the scatter symbol, and it only lands on the first reel.

The love affair extends to the fish in the bowl, and this colorful friend swims around to the tune of 250 credits. We're not done. Lovable Pets steps up with the puppy with 200 credits, while the kitten pays an adorable 150 credits. The teddy bear pays a modest amount, with the bone and other animal objects rounding out the game symbols.

You're Going To Love The Bonus Rounds

Lovable Pets rises to the occasion with the guaranteed re-spins feature. In case things aren't going your way, Lovable Pets intervenes with the random re-spin feature. If you win the re-spin, you are granted an additional re-spin with the chance of a seven-times winning multiplier. Lovable Pets follows this up with an exciting free spins bonus. The more of these gorgeous scatters that land on the reels leads up to 16 free spins. During the free spins bonus, you have a chance for a seven-times winning multiplier to make things even more adorable.