Jackpot Sevens Slots

Jackpot Sevens Slots

It's true. There are many jackpot games on the market, but Real-Time Gaming's Jackpot 7's stands tall above the rest. After reading this article, we hope it becomes clear why that is. Enjoy and welcome to Jackpot 7's.

Real-Time Gaming Returns To Its Three-Reel Roots

Real-Time Gaming is the undisputed champion of five-reel games, but it continues flexing its muscle in the three-reel column. While three-reel slots might no longer be the rage, not taking them seriously is a mistake. This is especially so gaming-wise when it comes to Jackpot 7's, so let's get to the exciting and rewarding details of this sensational slot game.

Jackpot 7's simplifies the gameflow and the pace by only offering a single pay line. While that might seem like a drag, it can work in your favor as you progress and get to know the game. In addition, jackpot 7's is a throwback to the classic and glory days of online casinos, for it features an array of traditional casino symbols featuring the number seven.

Due to the single pay line, there are no pay line arrows to consider playing Jackpot 7's. Are you still interested? Good. Jackpot 7's makes up for the lack of pay lines through a multi-coin system. Staying true to its three-coin roots, Jackpot 7's is a multi-coin game, so it matters how much you wager every time you spin the reels.

Are you still interested? Good. Jackpot 7's puts on the pertinent game icons in plain view on the game table. We begin with an entire entourage of sevens. The luxurious sevens come in different colors and in obvious value. We start with the quaint orange sevens that are credited to make it worth your while. This is followed up by the mighty purple sevens that step up with seven credits. We continue with the dynamite green sevens that yield 77 credits. Are you beginning to see the tremendous impact of the sevens? But it bets better playing Jackpot 7's. Next, the blue sevens rise to the occasion with 777 credits. Finally, the red sevens lead this extraordinary ensemble with over 7,000 credits with the right wager combination.

The Special Jackpot Bonus

Jackpot 7's adds extra impact with the hidden bonus round. The trick is to find golden sevens hidden among cards during regular gameplay. This sets you up with a unique slot feature where all the sevens increase and value, plus you have the rare chance of winning the silver sevens and the gold sevens for extra credits.