Sparky 7 Slots

If you are old enough to remember when Real-Time Gaming came online, you remember its pioneer days serving three-reel games. It so happens that Sparky 7 wasn’t your run of the mill three-reel slot title then, and it sure isn’t your daily average three-reel title today. Far from it. Sparky 7 ignites the number seven, so let us jump into the ground breaking details.

Sparky 7 Keeps The Reels Flaming

There is a lot to like about Sparky 7. It is a straightforward slot game that takes you back into the glory days of the three-reel games, but it provides that extra juice to take it over the top. One reason for Sparky 7’s enduring run is that it has five pay lines. Sparky 7 gives you pay line arrows to help you manage and control the flow and tempo of the game.

The next order of Sparky 7 business is figuring out whether or not to place the maximum bet or a fair bet. Again Sparky 7 has you covered, so all you have to do is use the coin value buttons to mark your territory and ground. Sparky 7 breaks from the max coin button system and adopts a more modern slot game approach. Due to the multiple pay lines, Sparky 7 also has an autoplay feature while still giving you the flexibility to manage self-bets.

Igniting The Paytable

Sparky 7 keeps the flames burning so hot in the paytable. Once more, Sparky 7 breaks away from conventional three-reel titles, with a paytable being accessible through the info button. It shouldn’t come as any slot game surprise that the number seven completely dominates the paytable, starting with the red seven. Imagine the power of the red seven with 500 credits, while the blue sevens shed extra light with 100 credits. The green sevens pay a sweet 60 credits. Yes. Sparky 7 permits you to mix and match the sevens to notch a victory. Keeping things simple, Sparky 7 features the triple, double, and single bars to mark your win.

The Bonus Rounds Have Merit

Sparky 7 doles out the free spins bonus where you commence with seven free spins along with the opportunity to win a dazzling winning multiplier. You can continue amassing additional free spins along the way as long as you get the right scatter symbols to fall on the reels.