Egyptian Gold Slots

Egyptian Gold Slots
It’s fantastic and a pleasure to see the burgeoning boom of Egyptian games. It seems like every time you play and turn around now. There appears to be a new Egyptian-style game. Egyptian Gold is such a game that continues rising through the gaming ranks. There is a lot to learn and appreciate, so let’s jump into the exciting and rewarding game details.

Real-Time Gaming Invites You To Go To The Trusted Shores

The legend and the lore of ancient Egypt come alive in this marvelous five-reel game. The visuals are nothing short of stellar and superb. You can thank Real-Time Gaming for this development. Real-Time Gaming since its inception cleared the way for slot game innovation to even get to the point of developing an Egyptian Gold title. But there is much more when it comes to Egyptian Gold. This interactive title showcases another vital component of Real-Time Gaming’s enduring popularity, the bonus rounds. Egyptian Gold more than holds its ground in this critical compartment, so what are you waiting for?

Practice Moving Around This Ancient Scene

Egyptian Gold offers plenty of delicate rewards, but it might be prudent to take the practice play route to familiarize yourself. After all, with four jackpots and fluid bonus rounds, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at first.

These Sands Are Precious

Egyptian Gold is as advertised. Egyptian Gold immerses you into the traveled shores of this glorious period in history from start to finish. Now’s your chance to dwell among the Pharaohs among the exotic treasure. Real-Time Gaming faithfully maintains the gaming integrity throughout Egyptian Gold to give you an authentic experience from start to finish.

The Game Play And Design Are Rock Solid

Real-Time Gaming doesn’t leave you hanging as you discover Egyptian Gold. All of the essential game elements are available, starting with the all-important pay line system. So naturally, you’re going to need every advantage possible for you to maximize the outstanding 243 pay lines, and that’s where the pay line arrows enter the equation. But that’s not all. Egyptian Gold is more than up to the task of the vital coin buttons. Leaving everything on the table, Egyptian Gold provides you with an options button and an autoplay setting.

The Power Of The Jeweled Nile Is All-Around

Egyptian Gold comes out of the gate smoking with regular dynamite gameplay, along with several avenues to collect in the bonus round. We touched briefly on the four distinct jackpots, along with super expanding wilds, the scarab feature, and the free spins. Egyptian Gold comes with further bonuses if you can believe it, and we will get to them in due time.

These Pay Lines Actually Expand?

The short gaming answer to that question is yes. Egyptian Gold’s 243 pay-lines do expand to an impressive 575. This is made possible through the pay line arrows. Depending on your current gaming skill, the 243 pay lines might seem like Mt. Everest. If this describes you, then the pay line arrows are there to help you place smaller bets, but if you are ready to rock and roll as a seasoned slot player, nothing is holding you back from playing the complete 243 pay lines.

On the subject of the expanding reels, Egyptian Gold continues to amaze its audience with an expandable feature that happens during a special bonus round play.

It’s Time To Settle On The Bet

Egyptian Gold follows up the dynamite pay line system with the equally adept coin buttons. Rest assured, the bet you desire to place on each spin. The gaming field commences at a penny, but that quickly swells to dollar amounts. Again, you have the Egyptian Gold’s coin buttons for that.

Rejoice At The Paytable

Egyptian Gold keeps the fun and the spirit of ancient Egypt alive through the paytable that is replete with the impressive pyramid as the reigning wild symbol. This beautiful and well-decorated pyramid brings home the winning goods starting at a double winning multiplier. The pyramid falls on the complete pay lines except for the first one, so you must make the best out of the pyramid. The pyramid also serves and expands wild under certain situations.

Egyptian Gold continues its glorious reign through the pharaoh that rules the gaming screen with 1,000 credits for five of him on the reels, but the lovely queen delivers an exceptional 400 credits. Egyptian Gold keeps the pool of game characters slim so you can maximize your power and ability to. Egyptian Gold offers up the riveting cultural icons as the remaining game symbols to serve your gaming needs.

Play The Marvelous Bonus Rounds

Egyptian Gold rises to the moment with a unique bonus round system. First, we start the gaming bonus with the super expanding wild. The super developing wild works when an ordinary wild falls on the third reel. The wild expands to nearby reels when this happens to give you the magical 576 expanded pay lines.

After any spin, the random scarab feature provides you one of five bonus rounds, the wild reels, random wilds, magical re-spin, the free spins pick-em bonus, along with the jackpot pick prize. If the random wilds are awarded, this scenario leads to wild characters falling onto the reels with your paying symbols are calculated.

The magical re-spin occurs when you suffer a losing spin. Your reward here entails the scarab re-spins feature. After this round, the jackpot bonus spins commence. Here, you are granted twelve options, with one of the four jackpots symbolizing those options.

All Hail The Free Spins

Egyptian Gold gives you a choice between five free spins and sterling winning multipliers or expanding wilds to help you get over.

Marvel At The Return To Player

Egyptian Gold delivers a proud and worthy return to player. This means you benefit from a robust return to player.

A Royal Rating

Egyptian Gold is the talk of the town among internet circles. Consequently, Egyptian Gold is heavily talked about the internet chatter.

You Might Become The Next Winner

Egyptian Gold benefits from several promotions that are available at online casinos. You have many paths to enter and win playing Egyptian Gold.

Having Fun In Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Gold is a game that offers many things, but above all, Egyptian Gold is a title that is meant to be enjoyed. So, please don’t forget about the bonus round avenue that is available to you.

Win Real Money Egyptian Style

Egyptian Gold opens the gaming forum with the standard deposit options. The usual credit cards and probably Bitcoin is available free banking options.

Egypt Goes Mobile

Egyptian Gold works like a charm on the mobile devices.