Copy Cat Fortune Slots

This time, the virtual felines rule the day. Real-Time Gaming proudly presents Copy Cat Fortune, an engaging five-reel game that offers many opportunities to collect and enjoy. We break down all the lucrative and worthy aspects of Copy Cat Fortune Slots.

Real-Time Gaming Knows Its Stuff

Real-Time Gaming measures itself as one of the best destinations for elite slot games when it comes to slot games. This award-winning company has been doing its thing since the late 1990s. Real-Time Gaming separates itself from other gaming engines by having visually impressive slot games across the board for phenomenal and visually remarkable slot games. Compounding this is the chance of winning extra prizes in the bonus rounds, such as the free spins round.

Practice Getting To Know These Cats

Copy Cat Fortune offers many winning avenues, but there is no rush to lay down a bet. This game affords you the chance to play practice play to familiarize yourself with the magical cats. All of the vital game functions of Copy Cat are available, but you won't win real money. That will make a real wager to accomplish this.

The Cats Rule The Town

Copy Cat Fortune is an animated game that takes place in the middle of a town's backdrop. Real-Time Gaming goes out of its way to decorate the reels to embody further and personify this unique gaming experience. The ambient effects and the colors also reflect this unique gaming experience.

Copy Cat Fortune Gives You All The Tools

It's not enough to look at the cats, but the stage is set for you to win. Copy Cat Fortune delivers the riveting auto play feature where you can change the game to handle wagers for you. But, if you want to place your bets, Copy Cat Fortune lets you do this. What good is playing a game that you can't control the game's flow?

Don't fear losing control of the bets because Copy Cat Fortune offers you a pay line system to manage the pay line arrows. Similarly, Copy Cat Fortune permits you to control your bet through the coin button system. Copy Cat Fortune moves forward with an options button where you can further tweak the game settings like the reel speed.

Copy Cat Fortune Wins In A Variety Of Ways

Copy Cat Fortune doesn't hold back from those who wish to play. Of course, during regular gameplay, the stage is set for electrifying wins in the bonus round like the mystery stacks bonus round or the reel copy feature. Copy Cat Fortune Slots also comes with a free spins bonus round.

Copy Cat Fortune Hauls In The Pay Lines

Copy Cat Fortune offers the online gambler 25 pay lines to choose from. Thanks to the pay line arrow system, players can command the entire 25 pay lines at once, or you can maneuver throwout the pay lines by wagering on single pay lines or those more substantial.

The Bet is In Your Hands

Copy Cat Fortune also bestows the power to control the precise coin bet onto the player. Copy Cat Fortune honors bets from a penny, but it can grow to high dollar amounts.

Get To Know Copy Cat Fortune's Amazing Paytable

There aren't many symbols in Copy Cat Fortune, but the ones that are there pay handsomely. The pink cat represents the wild symbol. The pink cat doubles winning combinations. Five of the wild cat leads to 400 credits. The diamond represents the scatter symbol, and it is something we will discuss shortly. The goldfish leads to 200 credits while the parrot bops around to 125 credits.

Copy Cat Fortune also offers the play mouse that shells out 100 credits, while the milk carton offers 75 credits. Copy Cat Fortune also involves the high-playing card symbols like aces through nines.

Get To Know Copy Cat Fortune's Bonus Round

Copy Cat Fortune relishes the extra competition by offering the mystery stacks feature. The mystery stacks feature works with each reel containing its share of mystery positions on the reels that are eventually replaced by a game symbol. Even the wild cat can turn into a stacked icon.

The Reel Copy feature works with matching icons on the first reel. This is true for both regular play and in the free spins round. Furthermore, the matching stacked symbols are copied on other reels. Then the winnings are evaluated and paid.

Understanding The Free Spins Round

Copy Cat Fortune ushers in a top-notch free spins round. The diamond is the key to launching this ravishing free spins round. The more of the scatter diamond that lands, the greater the winning combination. For example, three scatter icons lead up to 8 free games. Should the remaining pay lines contain winning bonus symbols, players can find themselves with up to 200 free games to play with.

A Marvelous Return To Player

Copy Cat Fortune follows the proud Real-Time Gaming tradition by having a robust return to player. Most Real-Time Gaming slot games offer a return to player in the upper ninety-percentile.

Welcome To The Rating

Copy Cat Fortune receives more than its share of commotion throughout websites that support and promote slot games. It receives glowing reviews.

Step Up And Win

Copy Cat Fortune presses forward with many routes for winning. The same online casinos that host this magnificent slot game offer many routes for winning. For example, new members typically have access to the welcome package, leading to a matching bonus or free spins that you can apply to this title. If you are already a member, you might be able to enjoy a combination of free spin prizes and matching bonuses to match them. Another avenue for online gamblers to pursue is the no deposit prizes. Searching the internet yields interesting results here.

Having Fun With These Cats

Copy Cat Fortune is ready to go, but you can still play practice rounds to familiarize yourself with this captivating five-reel game.

Many Wins To Bank On Copy Cat Fortune

Online gamblers have many ways of coming out on top playing Copy Cat Fortune. The typical methods typically involve credit cards, but you might be able to use American Express or Discover Card. Depending on the online casino, you might be able to use sensational cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to get into the action. You might also be able to use e-wallets like Neteller or Skrill.

Copy Cat Fortune Is Mobile

Today's smartphones and tablets are equipped to play Copy Cat Fortune.