Spring Wilds Slots

Mother Nature only lets spring come once a year, but thanks to Real-Time Gaming, spring is whenever you want it to be with Springs Wilds, a cute and charming five-reel game that melts your heart away. There are many things to this beautiful and adorable game, so let’s jump into the phenomenal gaming details.

Hop Along With These Cute Furry Friends

The theme of Spring Wilds is Easter. It is only fitting gaming-wise that one of the cute and top animals you find is the Easter bunny itself. The Easter bunny is not alone. It is joined by cute chicks and ducklings that hang out on the reels. Spring Wilds has many things to like, starting with all the delicious Easter chocolate that is waiting for you on the reels.

Yes, the backdrop to Spring Wilds features luscious houses and trees made out of chocolate. Don’t you want to reach out and take a bite? The closest you can come to taking out this bite begins with you determining how you will use the twenty-five pay lines. That’s where the pay line arrows system comes into focus.

The next move to continue this Easter classic is to situate the coin value bet. Springs Wilds is very accomodating in this regard. We pick up the stellar game with the choice between autoplay and manual play mode. If you select the autoplay mode, you can frolic with these cute animals as you make your way to victory. Spring Wilds also lowers the boom with a fantastic options button where you can control how you hop along and win with these cute bunnies.

Revel With The Game Table

Spring Wilds is full of cute and adorable prizes with the paytable. We begin the love affair with the Easter Egg wild. The Easter Egg wild is a pleasant surprise that doubles winning combinations when it lands on all the Spring Wilds reels except for the first reel. The Easter basket constitutes the scatter symbol and is something that we will come back to with the bonus rounds.

The cute Easter bunny is so adorable that he relishes wins with 600 credits, while the pig is chummy to the tune of 250 credits. The cute chick is so adorable that it pays 100 credits. Spring Wilds rounds out the rest of the gaming icons with high-value card symbols.

The Bunny Frolics In The Bonus Rounds

Spring Wilds offers its share of bonus rounds. We begin with the lucky streak re-spin feature, where six or more bonus symbols land on the reels to begin this phenomenal bonus round part. Spring Wilds also contains the free spins bonus round.

With the free spins bonus round, you can play up to 20 free spins, depending on the number of Easter basket scatter symbols that land on the reels. Spring Wilds lets you amass additional free spins when you get the right number of scatter icons to land on the reels. Spring Wilds is available at many online casinos that host Real-Time Gaming on mobile and bright devices.