Asgard Deluxe Slots

Asgard Deluxe Slots
If you are familiar with the original and bold Asgard, you are sure to remember the impressive and legendary bonus rounds that seemed limitless. Cranking up another level, Asgard Deluxe continues the proud and brave cantor of the epic Norse ensemble.

Return To Asgard

Valhalla is one of nine realms in Asgard. The original Asgard game introduced this concept with flying colors, and when it comes to the sequel, the colors, the mystique, and the pageantry grow in scope. Real-Time Gaming re-imagines the gaming landscape and interface, starting with a brand graphics scheme and a new look to the powerful and lucrative Norse Gods.

Another essential upgrade in the sequel includes the monstrous 243 pay lines. Yes. You heard correctly, Asgard Deluxe delivers 243 pay lines that are totally in your corner. You can try to gain a massive audience before the gods by gambling on the whole 243 pay lines, or you can peruse and meander through the virtual greatness of Asgard. Either way, the choice is in your hands, thanks to the pay line arrows system.

The next move playing Asgard Deluxe is to go for brake playing the immense coin button system. Of course, when it comes to the coin buttons, Asgard Deluxe puts a premium on this phenomenal and glorious system where you can quickly declare bets from as low as one. Still, you know through experience that it swells into something much more significant.

Asgard Deluxe provides the trimmings and blessings of a monumental slot game, including an inspiring autoplay feature that takes all of your troubles your way. Asgard Deluxe permits the player to control their bets through the manual spin mode. Last but not least, Asgard Deluxe offers an options button where you can take further charge of the innermost game settings.

The Immense Power Of The Paytable

Asgard Deluxe steps up its game from the first game by having a leading and unique paytable. Many of the elite gods and goddesses from the classic Asgard game appear in the deluxe version. We begin with the regular wild symbol. The standard wild symbol doubles winning combinations, but the more that land, the more significant the winning impact.

Asgard Deluxe grows the stack of gaming goodness with an inspiring Multiplying wild. Here, this feature proves to be a total blessing, but we will discuss that in greater detail in the bonus round section.

Odin, The All-Father, once more stands tall as the father god, yielding up to 500 credits for five of Odin on the pay lines. Thor isn’t too far behind by yielding 450 credits, but Louki gets a total makeover, with his dark ways leading to 400 credits. Asgard Deluxe welcomes back the female Goddess in lieu of the golden-haired Valkyrie. The rest of the gaming symbols for Asgard comprise high-value playing card numbers.

Witness The Return Of The Free Spins

The classic Asgard title set the gaming world on fire by having a multi-tiered free spins round. The same gaming factor is genuine when it comes to Asgard Deluxe. We pick up the inspiring and inspirational gameplay with the multiplying wild. Here, Asgard Deluxe’s multiplying wild that manifests during the regular gameplay and free spins rounds.

Asgard Deluxe follows this up with the random wild reels. The random wild reels stand to cover one or the entire four reels while the other reels are spun. The free spins round permits you to pick the features, most notably the winning multiplier feature.