Lucky Catch Slots


Real-Time Gaming conquers the air and land, and now the sea is under its domain. When it comes to Lucky Catch, the sky is the limit with Lucky Catch Slots, a deep sea slot game that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.

Put On Your Swimming Trunks And Thrive

If you are ready to dive deep into the sea and win while you are at it, you’ve come to the right place with Lucky Catch Slots. Lucky Catch Slots starts off the gaming with a bang with twenty-five magnificent pay lines. We continue the winning and love affair with the fish with the spectacular and fluid attention to detail in this charming and winning game.

Lucky Catch is all about the fish, including the shark, which leads to splashing wins for you. Lucky Catch has everything you need on the game reels to succeed. Go deep into the gaming paint with the top 25 pay lines through the pay line arrows. Swim until you drop by wagering on the entire twenty-five pay lines, or you can swim along and place wagers on less pay lines. The power and the choice is in your hands.

The same is said for placing the cash bet with Lucky Catch. Lucky Catch doesn’t hold back with the opportunities for players to enjoy and revel with the wide stratum of cash bets starting with a penny. The next move to consider is whether or not to go swimming with the manual mode or through the autoplay feature. The Lucky Catch autoplay feature is tough and vast enough to manage the extreme swath of bets. Of course, Lucky Catch’s manual mode is up to the task to handle your individual bets.

Swim Along With The Paytable

Lucky Catch is serious about the deep sea. This manifests boldly with the happy shark. This shark is more than happy to win by doubling winning combinations, but he further adds to the reels when more of it lands on the pay lines. The octopus makes its presence felt with 800 credits, and this is followed up with the cute turtle with 250 credits. The remaining Lucky Catch icons include the various fish and the star fish that all come to life on the reels. Interestingly, Lucky Catch ditches the traditional card numbers to focus exclusively on the star fish.

Float Along With The Bonus Rounds

Lucky Catch continues its winning ways with the random prize award that randomly bolsters winning combinations. The bursting wilds play prominently on the reels. Where they land is where those reels are locked in place while the others are spun for your winning pleasure.

Lucky Catch spices things up more with the stellar free spins round where you commence with at least ten free spins, but that grows to 20 free spins if you get five of the scatter symbols on the reels. The busting wilds are eligible to land in the free spins bonus round.

Where To Play Lucky Catch

Lucky Catch is a Real-Time Gaming jewel, and you will find it in the heart of those online casinos. It is available for mobile and desktop games.