Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandits 3 Slots
Who knows what Real-Time Gaming thought when it released the original Cash Bandits, but it struck pure gold with the first installment. And now, two sequels later, the Cash Bandits series is flying higher than a kite.

Why You Should Play Cash Bandits 3

The first and apparent reason is because Real-Time Gaming is behind this phenomenal game. Really, nothing gaming-wise needs to be said after that. But if you need an additional basis, Cash Bandits 3 marks a significant and graphical upgrade from the previous two installments.

Yes, while it is true that the main thrust of the second sequel is to break into the bank, Cash Bandits 3 delivers a brand new way of looking at this game. The master bank robber and the main ingredients receive a complete graphical upgrade.

The main thrust of Cash Bandits 3 is the same, and it revolves around breaking into the exciting and determined bank. Cash Bandits 3 still comes with 25 pay lines that are crime-laden in your favor. The pay line system kicks in and provides a clear pathway for success. You can try to set it off by wagering the whole 25 pay lines, or you can slow your roll gaming roll and gamble on lesser pay lines. The choice is ultimately yours.

As you contemplate breaking down the bank vaults, the next move is to figure out the coin value bets. Cash Bandits 3 is laden with multiple opportunities to get the best of your choice, beginning with the penny minimum, but that quickly grows in scope. Cash Bandits 3 also features a stellar autoplay feature where you can sit back and let the game action take care of this vital game feature on your behalf. You can, of course, spin the reels manually.

The Paytable Keeps Going

Cash Bandits 3 maintains the key features from the previous two installments, but it introduces something new in the process. We begin with the talented bank robber finally moving up the ranks as the game’s illustrious wild symbol. Here, he delivers a winning combination, but if you manage to get five of him on the reels, he provides 5,000 credits.

The Cash Bandits 3 logo lights the game up as the game’s proud scatter symbol. The angry cop makes his presence felt for the third time, and this time, he delivers 2,000 credits. The frightened lady makes good with 1,000 credits, while the bank stands tall with 800 credits. Cash Bandits 3 maintains its gaming edge with the new and improved badge additions, the police car, the bag of money, the newspaper, and other hallmark symbols from the previous two installments.

The Bank Vault Is Back Bigger Than Ever

Cash Bandits 3 maintains the biggest jewel of all. The bank vault. When it comes to the bank vault section, you are granted six keypads where the pressure is on. If you correctly enter the codes, you can play up to 390 free games with a stellar winning multiplier of 23 times.