Achilles Deluxe Slots

Achilles Deluxe Slots
Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Achilles, thanks to Real-Time Gaming, the best is yet to come with Achilles and The Trojan War. Achilles Deluxe is long overdue to the widely popular and classic Achilles. The Deluxe version offers massive improvements and additional features that we are sure that you will enjoy.

Achilles Deluxe Continues Gaining Momentum

When it comes to the deluxe version, Achilles continues making his presence felt, and this time he gets a new graphical due. Once more, Achilles Deluxe takes you into the heart of the battlefield where the world is never the same over the lovely and intoxicatingly beautiful Helen Of Troy. If you game and look close enough, you’ll find that the main characters closely and firmly resemble the main characters from the hit film Troy, starring Brad Pitt.

Unlike the first installment, Achilles Deluxe delivers a resounding twenty pay lines that once more take you back onto the battlefield of lore. To say that Achilles Deluxe is nice to look at it is a severe understatement. Achilles Deluxe is a joy to play and watch and features more interactivity, unlike the first installment.

Achilles Deluxe provides you with all the artillery you need to have a successful gaming outing beginning with the fabulous pay line arrows that give you pinpoint control on how to handle the games and the reels. Why not go for full glory and wager on twenty glory-filled pay lines? But, if you wish to take your time and craft your strategy, there is nothing wrong with placing bets on smaller pay lines. Achilles Deluxe still lets players play in practice mode before moving up and putting a real gamble.

Put on your armor and prepare to raise your shield by choosing the cash bet you want to make before the spin. If you opt for the autoplay feature, you are still in good hands, but this game lets you arrange pre-determined spins on your behalf. There is also The Achilles Deluxe options button to take control of the sensitive game settings to this war.

Achilles Deluxe Steps Up The Paytable

Achilles Deluxe sets you off for the glory of battle with the green wild symbol. Yea, the Gods will smile upon you when a single of these shields land onto the reels, but the glory of this battle lies in the unique multiplying wild. Don’t worry. We will be breaking down all of the exciting and lucrative details surrounding this symbol shortly.

Achilles Deluxe boasts the mighty demigod himself, who carves through the carnage and battle with 5,000 credits. Although outside of Helen, Paris, and his brother, Achilles Deluxe, features the regular playing card numbers, the rest of the game symbols are light, which leads to additional winning opportunities for you.

Achilles Deluxe Feasts On The Bonus Rounds

Remember those green shields? They punch your ticket into the free games feature, where up to 25 wild free spins await. Achilles Deluxe also offers the standard free spins round where players get to enjoy the spoils of war. In addition, Achilles Deluxe brings back the progressive jackpot along with four distinct jackpots.