Witchy Wins Slots

Real-Time Gaming loves a good Halloween slot game. This shows up with the remarkable Witchy Wins, a glamorous five-reel game that puts a new take on the spirit of Halloween. So let’s jump into the exciting and thrilling details.

Witchy Wins Makes Its Mark

Instead of following the tradition of meany and ugly witches, Witchy Wins breaks new ground by featuring new and improved witches that are pleasant to the eyes and friendly on the reels. Witchy Wins happens on the backdrop of a colorful night outside the witches’ lair. Witchy Wins inspires you to play with a resounding 243 pay lines. These pay lines are at your beck and call, thanks to the pay line arrows. Get into the ultimate flow of Halloween by gambling on the entire 243 pay lines, or you can ease your way into this festive fall classic. Again, that is the power of Witchy Wins’ pay line system.

The next move to get chummy with the witches is through the coin value bet. You want to manage your chances here, beginning as low as a penny but quickly growing and escalating to the maximum bet of $20. You can easily take on these witches through autoplay mode, or you can spin the reels yourself. The choice and the power are firmly in your hands. Witchy Wins provides additional game flexibility through the options button.

These Witches Mean Business In The Paytable

Witchy Wins delivers a threshold of sincere paying icons. First, we pick up the exclusive gameplay with the green cauldron as the wild symbol. While the brew might look disgusting, the wins are pretty delicious, for when the cauldron lands on the reels, it doubles winning combinations. The golden cauldron is the Witchy Wins’ multiplying wild. This golden phenomenon occurs on the reels and leads to intense winning multipliers up to four times. Yes, if you get multiple multiplying wilds, they will combine their winning multiplier might.

The three colorful witches are pleasant on the reels, and they deliver anywhere from 500 to 125 credits. The high-value playing cards numbers follow this up. In many ways, Witchy Wins keeps the characters small to boost your winning chances. Don’t forget that Witchy Wins steps up with 243 captivating pay lines. So there are many combinations to use and take advantage of the possibilities.

The Witches Love The Bonus Rounds

Witchy Wins adds the extra boom in the free spins round. A trifecta of the scatter symbols sets you up in the free spins mode, where you can play up to 50 free spins. We hope by now you care enough to make and make an investment with Witchy Wins. This further picks up with random wild reels feature. Here, up to four reels can be covered while everything else is spun.

The number of Witchy Wins Scatters settles the number of free spins. If these witches cast the right spell, you can play with 50 free spins.