Dancing Wins Slots

It isn't every day that you come across a dancing-oriented game, but then again, it isn't every day that you come across a world-renown gaming developer like Real-Time Gaming. Real-Time Gaming is the proud developer behind Dancing Wins, an excellent and groovy fiver-reel game that celebrates the fast 1980s. Can you keep up?

Neon Is Back

Yes, neon lights and bold colors ran rampant in the 1980s, and the same is true for Dancing Wins. Dancing Wins is a five-reel package with fifty dynamic pay lines that honor and celebrate the proud and winning legacy of the 1980s. In addition, real-Time Gaming goes out of its way with the extraordinary attention to detail that is rampant throughout the game.

Dancing Wins takes you right on the dance floor itself, complete with a disco ball and mirrors to help set the mood and the tone. Dancing Wins shine a light with fifty elegant pay lines that are ready to rock and roll as you see fit.

The pay line arrows keep you in the fast lane where you can quickly wager on the whole fifty pay lines, or you can slow your roll and place stakes on smaller pay lines. The next move is to move forward with the coin bet. This is accomplished with the coin value buttons. Dancing Wins is a big ball of energy, beginning with the standard penny wager.

After, the next move is to work the autoplay or the manual play feature. Both elements make it possible for you to enjoy this retro ride and atmosphere. Finally, dancing Wins straps you up with the options button where you can take further control of this fantastic disco inferno.

The Groovy Paytable

From start to finish, Dancing Wins plays for keeps. This shows up with the extravagant paytable that stays true to the rockstar scene from the 1980s. Next, we pick up the dancing action with the glittering wild symbol. A single one of the glittering wild icons steps up to the plate with a double-winning multiplier. The more that land, the greater the winning amount, starting with 8,888 credits.

We keep the virtual party going with the disco ball scatter. This glowing ball rewards winning efforts beautifully, but it plays a more significant role in the bonus rounds. We will touch on that in a moment. The five party girls keep the night alive by rewarding winning combinations anywhere from 1,000 to 300 credits when you fill up an entire row. We keep this upbeat groove moving with other vintage items like the record player, the boombox, the electric guitar, the headphones, the microphone, and the sunglasses.

The Bonus Rounds Are Wilder

Dancing Wins invites you into overtime with the phenomenal bonus rounds beginning with the free spins round. But, it's not enough to win. Dancing Wins multiplies your fun with extended winning multipliers. The winning multipliers here stand to get as big as ten times for your dancing troubles.

Where To Play Dancing Wilds

Dancing Wilds is ready for you to find your groove, day or night. You can find it in the heart of Real-Time Gaming supported casinos.