Rave Riches Slots

Rave Riches Slots
Real-Time Gaming knows a thing or two about parties, but it exceeds itself with the release of Rave Riches. Rave Riches is a five-reel game that more than lives up to the hype and promise of the glory party days of the 1980s and early 1990s. If you are alive during those glorious days, consider Rave Riches a sweet return to those innocent times. However, if this is all brand new to you, then Rave Riches is the perfect game to live vicariously during those exciting and energetic times.

This Party Is Waiting For You

Rave Riches keeps it hot with 243 party-infused pay lines. The atmosphere and the tone of Rave Riches all support the retro party scene. The gameplay for Rave Riches occurs in the middle of a packed concert hall where the big-time party is about to go down in your favor.

Extreme attention to detail shows throughout this game, beginning with the colorful, neon lights that plaster and dominate the gaming atmosphere. Don’t worry about getting lost because Rave Riches makes handling sensitive game functions easy. We begin with the rock-star pay line system, where you can quickly get up and running with the 243 pay lines. You can use the total amount, or you can use something less with the pay line arrows. The choice is yours.

The next move with Rave Riches is determining the cash bet. The cash bet for Rave Riches runs the gambit, so you’ll have plenty of options to craft your desired bet. Rave Riches lifts the party higher through the autoplay feature, or you can continue to rely on the manual mode to make this happen. The Rave Riches autoplay feature is good enough to manage scores of bets to make it worth your while.

The Party In The Paytable

Rave Riches works wonders with rock music when you enter the paytable. Achieve actual rock-star status in this arena, beginning with the wild symbol. A single Rave Riches wild symbol does wonder for the reels, but the real fun and games start when you land it in a cluster. Rave Riches honors winning combinations in various ways, so it pays to get like symbols to land on the reels in bunches. When you win, witness the winning icons animating and coming to life to celebrate this big-time win.

The rest of the Rave Riches icons center on rock stars and party-goers throughout the playing scene. The neon-colored high-value card numbers gracefully make their way onto the reels. Rave Riches again celebrates winning combinations in a multitude of ways.

The Party Continues In The Bonus Rounds

Rave Riches steps up its game with the bonus rounds. We begin with the variant free spins round. The free spins package you choose can pay dividends. For example, if you select the 15 free spins package, you will receive a double winning multiplier. We pick up the game action with a twelve free spins package with a triple-winning multiplier.