Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

Everybody's favorite Leprechaun is back for more, bigger, and better than ever in Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots. When you thought you'd seen the best and played the best Leprechaun slot games, Paddy's Lucky Forest comes along and redefines the entire argument.

Witness A Leprechaun That Never Runs Out Of Luck

Real-Time Gaming is the master of the modern-day slot love affair. This love reaches newer heights with Paddy's Lucky Forest, a phenomenal five-reel game that reignites and rekindles the love for Leprechaun-oriented games. We pick up the action with the quintessential setting taking place in a revitalized and lush forest. The attention to detail with this forest goes above and beyond the call of duty. Also, Paddy's Lucky Forest promises big-time wins and fun with more magical elements like fairies that accompany the Leprechaun.

How about those 720 pay lines? Can you handle them? Don't worry. There's no pressure for you to access the entire 720 pay lines. Instead, you can use the pay line arrows to accommodate the amount you wish to wager on. Of course, fortune favors the bold when you wager on the entire 720 pay lines.

The same is said when it comes to the coin buttons. Paddy's Lucky Forest isn't shy when it comes to the cash wagers. You can quickly and easily make your bets beginning at one cent and growing in steady value to five dollars.

Do you wish to frolic through the forest on your esteem, or do you want Paddy's autoplay feature to handle these gaming affairs for you? Paddy's Lucky Forest is shrewd enough to handle bets that range in the score. The options button in Paddy's Lucky Forest works sensitive game details in your favor so that you can keep your eyes on the gaming ball.

This Leprechaun Welcomes The Paytable

When you enter Paddy's Lucky Forest paytable, you are entering a brave and bold new world. We begin with the beautiful four-leaf clover as the game's wild symbol. Then, we pick up the adoring action with the pot of gold bristling with coins. We will touch upon the pot of gold later.

We also pick up the sterling game action with the Leprechaun himself. This holly jolly Leprechaun delivers the gaming goods with 1,200 credits. We continue the gaming fun and goodness with the female Leprechaun. The rest of the Paddy's Lucky Forest icons and symbols include the two magical fairies, along with the high-value playing card numbers. Remember, this title gives you multiple ways to win, with 720 ways to win.

This Leprechaun Loves Bonus Rounds

Paddy's Lucky Forest keeps the pressure up with the slippery wild feature. The slippery wild feature gets into the groove with a wild symbol landing on the second, third, and fourth reels. When this happens, the wild symbol covers other symbols, and bigger and better wins begin to happen.

Paddy's Lucky Forest increases the winning intake with the Pick Bonus Feature. Here, the player selects an option where you can win up to fifteen free spins and a winning multiplier that goes up to 50 times. Paddy's Lucky Forest concludes winning matters with three progressive jackpots, beginning with the major, mini, and the minor.