Ox Bonanza Slots

The ox remains a prominent symbol in Asian mythology. The ox rides high with Ox Bonanza, representing virility, prosperity, and strength, a spectacular five-reel game where the golden ox reigns supreme.

Prepare To Hit The Fields

Ox Bonanza picks up the pace starting with its colorful background and gameplay. Asian slot games often feature colorful backgrounds, and Ox Bonanza follows the same pattern. Pink and off-colored reds shine brightly in this scene. Ox Bonanza features a minor and major jackpot, but we will discuss these prominent features further in this article.

Ox Bonanza runs roughshod with twenty-five glorious pay lines. Run strong and long and gamble on the entire twenty-five pay lines, or via the pay line arrows, you can slow the showdown and determine how many pay lines you wish to place your stakes.

This ox gains momentum with the cash wagers. Ox Bonanza honors wagers from as low as a penny and those reaching the dollar plateau. You can take on this golden ox by manually spinning the reels, or you can let the game handle these sensitive affairs for you. The power is yours. Ox Bonanza’s options button delivers extra flexibility for managing and controlling the gameplay.

Experience The Gems In The Paytable

Ox Bonanza rises to the occasion. We begin with the magnificent golden ox that stands tall as the game’s wild symbol. A single wild symbol doubles winning combinations, but an entire row of him leads to splashier wins with more extensive credits. Unfortunately, the ox only lands on the first reel.

Ox Bonanza collects the winning with the usage of the bull that delivers up to 2,500 credits, while the rats stands firm with 1,250 credits. Ox Bonanza rounds out the remaining symbols with the pig and the dog that pay modest and respectful amounts. The traditional card numbers finish the gaming ensemble. By not having many symbols, Ox Bonanza makes it easier to strike up a significant win. This works in your gaming favor, more often than not.

The Bonanza Extends To The Bonus Rounds

We told you from the beginning that Ox Bonanza strikes the right chord, and it delivers this mark into the bonus rounds. But, first, we begin with the morphing wild phenomenon. Here, getting the wild ox to land can influence the higher value symbols by turning them wild for more extensive gameplay.

The free spins with Ox Bonanza are out of sight. You will want to keep your eyes on the ball when it comes to these lucrative free plays. The ticket to free spins bliss lies with how many Ox Bonanza scatter symbols land on the reels. When this happens, the fun begins anywhere from ten to 100 free spins if you get five on the reels.

Lurking in the gaming wings are the jackpots. Ox Bonanza honors the major and the mini jackpots. There is also the progressive jackpot that is eligible to hit in tandem with the smaller jackpots.