I, Zombie Slots

I, Zombie Slots
While there's no shortage of zombie-oriented games, I, Zombie is a light-hearted slot game that centers on fantasy. I, Zombie is a genuine product of the Real-Time Gaming engine, and it offers fantastic regular gameplay, but it adds extra jewels in the bonus rounds. Next, we break down all of the exciting and rewarding details surrounding I, Zombie.

Why Real-Time Gaming Continues Ruling The Roost

Real-Time Gaming is not only a superb slot developer, but it is arguably one of the top gaming developers on the market. Real-Time Gaming specializes in visually crisp games like I, Zombie. In addition, games in RTG's portfolio tend to be interactive.

Practice Playing I, Zombie

I, Zombie, proudly accept the traditional practice mode associated with the Real-Time Gaming platform. All of I, Zombie's gaming aspects are available, but you won't win real money in the process. On the flip side, players get to experience how I, Zombie works before wagering.

I, Zombie Features A Colorful Theme

For a light-hearted zombie game, I, Zombie, is rich in colors. The game flow and the characters play out in a Japanese anime fashion. There is also a martial arts tone to this 25 pay line game.

The Design Helps You Control The Tempo

I, Zombie, might be a handful, but it provides a down-to-earth control system. To take command of the 25 pay lines, I, Zombie, offer you a pay arrow system. Similarly, I, Zombie offers a coin button system where you make swift wagers and bets to meet your needs. The power of the I, Zombie spin is in your hands when playing I, Zombie. Place manual bets, or use the autoplay mode to handle these chores for you. You can do so through the options button for players who wish to take further control of the I, Zombie experience.

I, Zombie Is An Interesting Slot Game

As we mentioned earlier, I, Zombie gives you plenty of options to win. Through the 25 pay lines, the game is stacked for you to succeed during the regular game mode, but the winning stakes increase dramatically with the free spins round and extra zombie wilds. We will break down all of these fantastic and zombifying bonus rounds shortly.

The Pay Lines Are A Treat

I, Zombie, again come with 25 pay lines that are yours to manipulate as you see fit through the pay line system. I, Zombie, affords you the luxury of wagering on the entire 25 at once, or you can slow I, Zombie's reels down by placing bets on lesser pay lines.

Make The Winning Bet

To accompany the magical 25 pay lines, I, Zombie, gives the player the power and the control to manage bets as small as a penny, but it grows to dollar amounts.

There's Plenty To Like About I, Zombie's Paytable

I, Zombie, offer many rewarding game symbols in its paytable. A simple click on this critical area reveals rewarding game icons like the I, Zombie wild. A single one of this lady phantom doubles winning combinations, but the more of her that land on the reels, the more significant the winning impact. Five of the I, Zombie symbol leads to 2,500 credits.

And should this I, Zombie, and the mirror land on the reels, you might be granted two additional I, Zombie wilds that can hop around the reels. The martial arts zombie pays handsomely on the reels. Five of this elder phantasm leads to 1,250 credits, while the dagger-holding lady shells out 1,000 credits. The dead skeleton, along with the bell, respectfully delivers 500 and 250 credits.

Bonus Wins Await

The main extra prize in I, Zombie is the free spins round. Usually, a Real-Time Gaming slot game would have bonus rounds or a progressive jackpot, but this is not the case concerning I, Zombie.

Speaking Of Those Free Spins

I, Zombie, make up for the lack of bonus rounds with the resounding free spins round. A trio of mirrors set you up for this rewarding free spins bonus with the opportunity to earn bonus free spins. You are granted two free spins when you land an additional I, Zombie wild, or a mirror. The free spins round is doubled if you begin the bonus round with four of the mirror.

The Return To Player Is A Homerun

I, Zombie, does follow the footsteps of traditional Real-Time Gaming by having a resoundingly high return to player. The more you stake playing I, Zombie, the more you get back with a return to player in the higher 96% percentile.

How I, Zombie Rates

There is plenty of buzz among the internet chatter about I, Zombie. Unfortunately, there is no mature content surrounding I, Zombie. Online casinos only permit adults of a certain age, so minors won't be able to play this game.

Step Up As The Next Big Winner

I, Zombie, is a part of many Real-Time Gaming Casinos. Many of these same online casinos have daily and weekly tournaments where you can quickly get into the exciting and rewarding game action. In addition, leader board prizes might permit players to rack up for extra bonuses. Another way to win big playing I, Zombie is through random draws.

Also, please don't forget about the casino promotions that you can use to your winning advantage playing I, Zombie. The welcome package typically works for new players, while the other members have their pick of cashback bonuses and daily promotions to match. Another captivating route is through the no deposit route.

I, Zombie Awaits A Real Bet

I, Zombie, takes real money to win real money. These same online casinos are sure to have a bounty of user-friendly promotions. Typically, these online casinos proudly accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, but they might also accept American Express or Discover Card. Bitcoin is growing in scope in online casinos. Some of these sites might offer exclusive Bitcoin promotions to use them, such as extending welcome packages.

Play I, Zombie On The Go

I, Zombie, is built to shine on home computers and today's standard devices.