Fortune Frog Slots

Frog Fortunes Slots
Just when you think oriental themed games can’t get any better, they turn around and surprise you with, Real Time Gaming continues to pull a rabbit out of their hat, or should we say a frog. Their latest and greatest creation involves, Fortune Frog, an innovative slot game that features a comb shaped reels for extra impact. There are 20 pay lines in the game.

The game play is quite tranquil which is meant to put you at ease, so you can focus on the most important thing, winning. The main character in the game is none other than the frog which carries special importance and meaning, in Asian culture. Besides, the cone shaped symbols, the frog plays an important role in the cascading style of wins that is apart of this game. The frogs explode all over the reels and comes in different shapes and forms.

The rich keeps on getting richer when it comes to Fortune Frog Slots. There is an additional bonus round, known as the Frog bomb bonus round. We will talk more about this later on, but as you can see, Real Time Gaming continues to pump the hits out with Fortune Frog.

Why Real Time Gaming Keeps On Winning

Real Time Gaming, you can argue, is in a class all of its own. When those in the know, come together and discuss the great gaming engines in the online casino scene, you will find very often that Real Time Gaming comes to the head of the line. What continues to make Real Time Gaming a huge success, is that their portfolio is very diversified. For example, they continue to have an extensive inventory when it comes to Asian themed games, the likes of The God Of Wealth and Cai Hong, two games that puts the God Of Wealth himself on the front line.

The expertise for the Asian themed games, also extends to periods pieces from ancient China, like Zhanshi Slots, an interactive slot game where your courage and honor are put to the test on the battlefield. They also produce Japanese themed games like Storm Lords that pushes the envelope for anime style games. But they also show their cultural expertise with popular games like Aztec Million’s, and Aztec inspired game that has a progressive jackpot ready to be won.

Real Time Gaming even extends their repertoire into the exciting and thrilling world of sports where hit games like Football Frenzy sets the greatest stage of glory and soccer immortality. But there are additional reasons why Real Time Gaming maintains a cut above. Their games are often complex, featuring multi bonuses, like extensive free spins or other features like double up games. To help bring out the best in these games, Real Time Gaming calls on the talent of the powerful engine to bring these blockbuster games to life. Flash employs their special technology to maintain the graphical rich integrity of the games, while at the same time, giving you the option to either play them straight online, or for download.

Getting Practice In

You can dive right into Fortune Frog to see what all the buzz is about, or you can take your time to get to know this phenomenal game. Real Time Gaming, once more, gives you the option of playing some practice rounds to find out for yourself how excellent it is. You can preview all the game has to offer, including the mighty cascade feature which we will talk about, a bit more later on.

A Great Theme

The frog makes his presence felt all throughout the game in Fortune Frog slots. The oriental theme is totally imprinted in the game. The game play takes place in the middle of nature with all the ambiance including wind and foliage. The game icons is what you would find, including the frog itself. The game designs and fonts also have an oriental feel to them.

When you get past being mesmerized by the game, you will find that Fortune Frog is a very solid game where, you have all you need to become a big time winner. You can spin the reels yourself, or you can set it up through auto play mode. There is an options button where you can easily adjust things to your liking, like reel speed and game effects. A pay table is provided where you can go over the game icons and the official rules.

What Type Of A Slot Game Is Fortune Frog?

It is a lot of things actually. There are many ways for you to win. You can become a winner by getting the right icons to land. There is also the cascade winning feature on top of the free spins, which we will talk about soon. It seems the only thing that Fortune Frog doesn’t have, is a progressive jackpot that can be won at any time.

The Power Of The Pay Lines

The key to ultimate success lies with the pay lines. Fortune Frog comes with 20 pay lines dedicated to the charm and wonder of the adorable and rewarding frog. You can wager on all the pay lines, one of them, or anything in between. That’s where the pay line arrows comes into play for that.

Get Your Bet Right

And just like you can adjust the pay lines, you can also fix the coin size to suit your needs. The coin size arrows comes into play for this. The minimum bet to get the reels spinning is a penny. You can increase the coin size, all the way up to a quarter. The maximum bet per spin is fifty dollars.

It’s All In The Pay Table

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to Fortune Frog. To review the game icons and what they stand for, all you have to do is press the pay table, and you will get everything you need there. The king of the icons includes the exotic frog. Five of them on the pay line will grant you 150 credits. After that, you have the red face frog where you will get up to 80 credits for five of it on the reels. And then you have the green face frog who is waiting to reward you with 40 credits for filling an entire row with it. The golden face frog will shell out 40 credits too for getting five of it on the pay line as well.

When you get past the frogs, you can look forward to other icons like the blue diamond and the green emerald. Both of these will give you a modest 15 credits for getting five of them on the pay line. The other gems include the violet gem and the red ruby, both of whom will shell out 5 credits for filling the row with them.

A Cascading Bonus Round

We’ve been eluding all throughout this article that Fortune Frog implements a cascading style of wins. What this means is, when you score a winning combination, the icons and especially the frogs, will explode on the reels, making way for new icons to come and land on the reels. As long as the wins keep on coming, the cascading wins will continue. During the cascading wins, the spin button is discontinued. A bit more about the frog bomb feature. Because there are four different frogs, you have a unique opportunity to experience different types of explosions. Each frog explosion will feature a countdown from 3 all the way to 0 before it explodes and goes into the cascading feature rounds.

The green bomb goes from the left of the reel to the right. The blue bomb goes from up to down. The pink bomb works from the adjacent sides. And last but not least, you have the red bomb which works on the adjacent corners.

Are There Free Spins

Fortune Frog makes sure that there is bang going on each time you spin the reels, but there are no additional free spins in the game.

The Return To Player

Fortune Frog is a new game, so there is not enough data to come up with an accurate return to player. But because it is a Real Time Gaming, there is a strong chance that the return to player will be on the higher side, so make your wagers with ease.

What About The Rating?

We have no doubt that once this game gets played a lot, there will be many out there giving it strong ratings and reviews.

Maybe You’re The Next Big Winner

The online casino that you are playing Fortune Frog at, is bound to have many ways for you to become the next big time winner. The usual ways is through promotions. Promotions is a great way for new members and veteran members to enjoy their favorite game, including Fortune Frog, for some free rounds. It is common place for new members to receive a welcome package where the matching bonus cam be quite substantial. Members of the casino are in store for cashback bonuses which restores some free play, or in some cases, the reload bonus where you can recoup some losses.

Another great way to become the next big winner when it comes to Fortune Frog Slots, is through free spins. Free spins are designed as opposed to free chip promotions which are normally used for table games, to work exclusively for slot games. This is an easy way to get those cascade wins going without wagering a single dime. And if you are signing up, there might be a no deposit bonus where you can play Fortune Frog without wagering a single cent. Other cashback bonuses include weekly ones and games of the month spotlight.

Playing Around

Again, the stage is set for you to become the next big winner when it comes to Fortune Frog, but you can build up to that stage. You can ease your way into the game by playing some demo and practice plays. All of the features are available, but you won’t be able to win real money in the process.

Getting Into The Game

There are many ways for you to make your deposit when it comes to Fortune Frog. The usual and the fastest way is through major credit cards. MasterCard and Visa are usually used, but you might be able to use American Express as well. All of these cards will process your deposits instantly and without fees. But before you can use them, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval.

You might also be able to use Bitcoin the premiere crypto currency in the world. Bitcoin is a purely digital currency so you won’t have to worry about going through any banks, let alone filling out any paperwork. Instead, when it comes to Bitcoin, you will need to use a Bitcoin wallet to handle your affairs. There are many out there on the market, so you will need to search around to find the one that works for you. Once you’ve made your selection, the next step is to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier to get the ball rolling.

And depending on your online casino, there might be other crypto currencies available for deposit. Other ones include Ethereum, Litecoin and Dodgecoin. You might also be able to use the popular e wallets like Neteller and Skrill. They will both process your deposits instantly. You will need to create an account with these services which requires a valid email address. You might also be able to use wire and bank transfer services as well.

Being Mobile Ready

Fortune Frog comes ready for the big time on all the major mobile devices and for laptops too. All you have to do is login to your account at the online casino hosting the game, and you’re off to the races.