Zomberries Slots

Prepare for Zomberries Slots, an unheralded yet wildly entertaining slot game by gaming giant Real-Time Gaming. Zomberries Slots more than holds its ground with sensational game play and modest rewards.

Real-Time Gaming Is The Master Of The Unexpected

Yes, one never knows what to expect gaming-wise when dealing with a Real-Time Gaming slot, and in many ways, that’s what gives it its edge. Real-Time Gaming is considered to be the undisputed master of epic five-reel slot games, although it first came onto the scene developing three-reel games. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Real-Time Gaming is the proud developer of Zomberries, a unique five-reel game that reinvents the zombie genre.

There are many reasons why Real-Time Gaming maintains its dominant spot among gaming engines. One of those reasons happens to be its superior approach to visually stunning games. Another reason for its dominance pertains to original and well-crafted games. Zomberries Slots most certainly fills this category.

Practice With This Unique Title

Zomberries Slots is rearing to go out of the box, but it might be a good idea to play some practice rounds to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of this dynamic slot reel game.

Witness A New Take On The Zombie Genre

While there is a real zombie genre among slot games, many of them are formulaic. You can expect flesh-eating monsters, but Zomberries Slots breaks the mold from this title. Zomberries slots focus on cute vegetables and fruits that turn into zombies for winning action and extra rewards. The game action takes place at night. There is also a medicine man wearing a mask to help draw you into the unusual and rewarding title.

Zomberries Slots Is A Fully Functional Game

Zomberries Slots is a highly functional game when you get past the exciting fruit. You have at your disposal an autoplay button where you can arrange your bets in an orchestrated sequence, so you can sit back and take in all the marvelous gaming aspects of this fantastic title. Of course, if you still wish to place manual bets, Zomberries Slots still affords you a manual button where you can accomplish and handle those features. Zomberries slots also come with pay line arrows and coin bets to help craft your bets. Lastly, Zomberries Slots features an advanced options button where you can further prepare and take control of the game settings to suit your needs.

Zomberries Slots Delivers On Many Levels

Zomberries is an effective slot game where players rack up the wins during the regular game mode, or you can further pursue this with a minor and major jackpot.

Time To Take Charge Of The Ten Pay Lines

Zomberries steps up its game with ten pay lines that are yours to command as you see fit. That’s where the pay line arrows enter this marvelous equation. Of course, nothing is stopping you from wagering on the whole ten pay lines, or you can slow your roll by wagering on a single one if you prefer. But, again, that’s where the pay lines factor in.

Your Bet Counts

Zomberries Slots also gives you the tools to craft your desired bet. The coin buttons are modest but effective in this regard.

Figuring Out The Paytable

Zomberries is modest when it comes to the paytable. Instead of lavish game symbols, Zomberries keeps the game icons light. You can expect happy smiling potatoes, blueberries, and cabbage. These same symbols have zombie equivalents. The painted skull rounds out the gaming symbols.

It’s Bonus Time

Zomberries Slots also keeps the bonus rounds light. There is a minor and major jackpot, plus the chance of winning up to 50,000 times your bet.

What About The Free Spins?

The skull is your ticket into playing, and enjoy typical bonus round aspects.

A Marvelous Return To Player

Zomberries Slots follows the proud tradition of Real-Time Game slots with an exceptionally high return to player ratio. So have no fear placing your wagers because Zomberries Slots comes through with a 91% return to player ratio.

The Rating Is In

There are some small circles around the internet buzzing around Zomberries Slots. However, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Maybe Its Your Turn To Win Big

Zomberries Slots is available at select Real-Time Gaming Casinos, and there are numerous promotions to help you win big. Another important avenue for finding promotions lies with the no deposit bonus area.

Having Fun With These Zombies

Zomberries offers many things on many levels, but always remember that you can have fun with this outstanding title.

There Are Many Avenues For Real Money

Zomberries Slots benefits from the lucrative banking options at the hosting online casino, with the typical banking methods including credit cards like Visa and MasterCard and American Express. Other banking options include e-wallets and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

These Zombies Are Mobile Bound

Zomberries Slots works on desktops and mobile devices with simplicity and rewarding ease.