Lucky Rat Slots

Lucky Rat Slots
I’ll admit, when you first hear about rats, good things normally doesn’t come to mind. In fact, in real life, they can be flat out scary, but when it comes to Real Time Gaming’s mastery of Asian themed games, Lucky Rat is yet another indicator that they know what they are doing. Lucky Rat is a powerful five reel game with 720 ways to win. The theme of the game once more continues the luster and the glory of Asian themed games. All of the game icons reflect the Asian themed game, and yes it even includes the famous rat itself.

There is a nice engaging soundtrack to help put you into the mood of this new and elegant game. But there is a whole lot more when it comes to Lucky Rat. In addition to crisp and gorgeous graphics, you can win both ways on the reels and diagonal too. Like the game says, this is an all ways pay game. Btu there are also some nice bonus rounds which we will talk a bit more about, later on in this article.

Why Real Time Gaming Keeps On Winning

For those who are true connoisseurs of online casino games, the timeless debate rages on who is the premiere gaming engine. And while there are many great gaming engines out there, there is no way you can continue this conversation without mentioning Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming has been around the block a few times, so there reputation precedes them. Real Time Gaming more often than not is considered an elite gaming engine because they can continue to push the envelope with groundbreaking and revolutionary games like other Asian themed games, like Kung Fu Rooster, a rock em sock him five reel game where the mighty rooster takes center stage. They show their brilliance in visually stunning games like Fucanglong and Zhanshi slots, two high profile Asian themed games that puts a spotlight on the visual genius and mastery that Real Time Gaming, has on the games.

To bring out the visual best in these games, Real Time Gaming uses the power of the flash engine. Flash is a special technology that allows you to compress the games with next to no loss in graphical detail. Real Time Gaming also brings it own home by having intricate bonus rounds for their games too.

Practice Always Make Perfect

Real Time Gaming continues to distinguish itself from the competition by making sure their games can be played in practice mode. The purpose of practice mode and demo mode is that you get to see what the game has to offer. All of the features of the game are available in demo mode, but you won’t be able to win real money in the process for doing so.

The Power Of Asia Is All In The Theme

From the first moment you log on and get going with Lucky Rat, you will quickly find, that the entire game play, and the reels are all reflective of the mighty Asian themed. The calligraphy even reflects this too. But the game icons resemble this too. We will be talking a lot more in depth about the icons a bit further on.

The Design Works Too

When you get past the shiny detail, you will find that the mechanics of Lucky Rat, are almost flawless. All you need to become the next big time winner is right there on the screen. You can spin the reels yourself, or let auto play handle the magic. There are many other neat and useful features available on the game screen.

So What Type Of Slot Game Is Lucky Rat?

There are many nice things to like about this new slot game. There is of course a great free spins round which we will talk about fairly soon. It seems the only thing that Lucky Rat doesn’t have, is a progressive jackpot that is waiting for you to be won. And remember, all ways, pays in this game.

The Pay Lines Really Add Up

It’s typical for a five reel slot game to boast 10 pay lines, 20 pay lines or even a whopping 243 pay lines, but when it comes to Lucky Rat, there is an over the top 720 pay lines. The power is completely yours as to whether or not to wager on a single pay line, all 720 of them, or anything in between. You’ve got complete reign now, thanks to the pay line arrows.

The Power Of Making Your Own Bet

And just like you can tweak the pay lines,you can easily get the coin size to your liking as well. Thanks to the coin size buttons, the power of getting the bet just like you need, is right in the palm of your hand. The minimum bet per spin is a penny. You can easily adjust the coin sizes in increments of a nickel. The maximum bet per spin is over fifty bucks.

The Pay Table Has All You Need

There are many moving parts when it comes to Lucky Rat. There are a lot of powerful and captivating icons that are there to ensure your luck never runs out. When you need to review the game icons, all you have to is press the pay table to reveal all the game icons in their shining glory.

It goes with out saying that the Lucky Rat is the game’s wild symbol. Generally speaking, it will double winning combinations when it falls on the reels. The lucky rat will only fall on certain reels too, so bear that in mind. The scatter symbol in the game is the fire cracker. The secondary scatter is the coin which pays out some good coins when three or more of them land on the reels.

Make friends with the golden ingot, for if five of them falls on the pay line, you will be rewarded with a 1,000 credits. Next to the ingot, you have the circle vase which will produce 400 credits for five of them on the line. The red square and the green emblem will payout 300 and 125 credits respectively for landing a full compliment of five of them on the pay line. There are other icons icons which will payout 100 and 50 credits respectively. Remember, this is an all ways pay game, so all you have to do is get the right combinations of icons to fall on the reels, and there are 720 pay lines to help you accomplish this.

The Bonus Rounds

Outside of the free spins, there are no additional bonus rounds when it comes to Lucky Rat. Remember, you can win in a variety of ways across the 720 pay lines.

The Free Spins Are Quite Lucky

The free spins are more than worth your while when it comes to Lucky Rat. To get into the free spins round, you will need to get at least five of the fire crackers to fall on the reels. It is important to note that each fire cracker combination will award you 8 free spins. You will keep on playing the free spins round until you either run out, or you reach 240, whichever comes first.

What About The Return To Player?

Lucky Rat is a brand new game that has just been released. There is not enough accurate studies to determine the official return to player, but because it is a Real Time Gaming product, the odds are that the return to player will prove to be on the higher side. The slot games for Real Time Gaming, normally average return to player amounts above 90%.

What About The Rating?

There is no rating involved so far when it comes to Real Time Gaming. But we’re sure many members will find a way to rate it when enough times passes.

Maybe You Are The Next Big Winner

The online casino that is hosting Lucky Rat, is bound to have many ways for you to become a big winner with your name displayed throughout the website. The key way to help you get over is through promotions. The promotions are for both new members and members already involved at that particular online casino. For those getting started, there is normally a welcome package with a certain matching bonus amount worth of free money. The welcome package is really geared more often than not to play the slot games where the free chips are geared for table games.

If you are already a member here, then you can benefit from cash back bonuses and reload bonuses to help offset your losses. Everyday, you can normally find daily promotions that works to give you some kind of free money promotion to use on slot games such as Lucky Rat. Another tool to help you become the next big winner is through free spins. Free spins works for slot games, and depending on the type of free spins, it will work exclusively for a certain slot game such as Lucky Rat. Another option is via no deposit bonuses where you can play for free for a certain amount and for a certain amount of time, even playing Lucky Rat.

Playing Around

Again, there are third party promotions where you can play Lucky Rat for free for a certain period of time. The no deposits is the best way to check the game out without wagering a single cent. You can also play the demo mode to see all that the game has to offer, but you won’t be able to win real money if you do this.

When You Are Ready To Make A Real Bet…

You will find that there are many ways to do so. The traditional way is via major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. In some instances, you might even be able to use American Express. Credit cards will allow you to make a deposit which gets processed instantly, but you will first need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You will need to prove your identification and current residence when you are using a credit card authorization form. Once all that goes through, you will need to make a minimum deposit, somewhere normally between $25 to $35, depending on the online casino you are playing at. Another option to make a deposit, might include Bitcoin. For those who don’t know, Bitcoin is the world’s premiere crypto currency. Bitcoin is a purely digital currency, so you won’t have to worry about going through any banks to use it. Instaed with Bitcoin, what you need is a Bitcoin wallet to handle the currency. There are many out there on the market, so you will need to do some research to find the one that is right for you. Once you have made your selection, you will need to convert some funds into Bitcoin. Once you have done this, the next stop is to head to the cashier.

Besides Bitcoin, you might also have the option of using other elite crypto currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin to name a few. They operate in the same matter as Bitcoin. You will need to choose a wallet to use those currencies and then convert some funds into it.

You might even be able to use the e wallets like Neteller and Skrill and perhaps Neosurf, depending on which country you are playing from. These e wallets will process transactions instantly and for free. You will need to setup an account with those services which means you need a valid email address. Other options to get into the game might include bank and wire transfers.

Being Mobile Ready

Lucky Rat is ready to go and for prime time when it comes to the mobile devices and laptops. If you already have an account at the online casino that you are playing the game at, all you have to do is login to your account and press your luck.